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Girl Boss Black Mug


Black ceramic
11 oz (0.33 l)
Rounded corners

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Gone are the times when the girls used to stay at home making food, washing dishes. This does not mean that now they do not.
They do still manage to do the daily chores. And with it manages to create an identity on the professional front. The girl of the world today not only think of the survival. But is a go-getter to achieve everything that she can dream of.
We salute the fighter, the hustler, the go-getter in you.
This mug is perfect to add motivation to your day.
A perfect mug for the girl boss in you.
Buy and enjoy.

Still not convinced?

I was 18 when I realized that I wanted to have something of my own.
The hustle was going to be hard. But also something worth the go. You wont believe I started working when I was 18. Determined to be in a good position when I finally graduate from college.

I did a few internships and that added to my confidence. Now was the time I start putting efforts into something of my own. So I directly started pitching up to business owners for my services and believe e guys the hustle was real and beyond words can ever express. I was not motivated every day during the week but I promised to at least stay positive.
And today when I go back in time and look at the things I have done I realize its the small change in attitude that brings success, the small thing that makes you stand out of the crowd.
A good example of this is the people in college spend their time bunking classes, having a love affair, having heartbreaks but I spent my energy and time in something productive, and that a simple decision that made a major difference. People often make themselves miserable by depending on others to be happy but what’s important is to realize that you need to be happy with yourself first, work on self and rest all will follow you.

Now this mug too can be a small step towards the hustle or the motivation towards your dream, towards being you and achieving something you are made for.

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Girl Boss Black Mug


In stock



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