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Pink Print Zipper Around Wallet


Style: Casual
Composition: 100% PU
Color: Pink
Bag Size: Small
Pattern Type: Letter

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<h2>Still not convinced ?</h2>

Wallets are more than containers for your documents, your fidelity cards and your coins. Wallets are a fashion statement, they are becoming more and more colorful and glamorous, like our collection. They are easy to carry in your purses, with comfortable zippers and fashionable fringes and decorations such as stars. We have wallets that reflect any style and occasion, depending on your taste and needs. Here are a few tips on choosing the right wallet for you.


<h4>The Compact Wallets</h4>


These wallets are smaller in size but they make up in glamour. They reflect a casual style and they are perfect for your everyday routine. Compact wallets fit easily in your backpack or in your work purse, because they don’t take up too much space. Still, when you take out your compact wallet, you are going to make an impression on the people around you. They come in earthy warm colors such as mustard, so they combine with any color of your outfit. Plus, they have elegant writing to make sure your wallet has a touch of fashion. Easy to carry and chic. 


<h4>The Classic Wallets with Zipper</h4>


These wallets are bigger than the compact ones, perfect for carrying cards or notes. The comfortable zipper ensures they are easy and quick to use, ideal if you are in a rush, perhaps running to catch your commute bus. These wallets are elegant, of one color and without fineries. They are classic, perfect to use through the whole day, even during a night out. They come in three colors, black, dark brown and brown. These wallets are big enough to ensure you carry your essentials with you at all times but with their simple yet elegant lines, they are perfect to combine with any attire. 


<h4>The Cute Wallets with Prints</h4>


These wallets are as comfortable and as capacious as the classic collection, but they have cute prints that add a personal and creative style. Thanks to this touch of creativity, they are also perfect for teenagers, who can use them in their everyday life, from school to an evening out with friends. You can choose between black and pink, both with the gorgeous design of a flower and of a fairy, with fringes that make your outfit more fun and a comfortable zipper. These cute wallets combine perfectly with a younger and fresher look, with dresses and shirts that reminisce of summer. 


<h4>The Zipper Purse</h4>


Our black or pink zipper purse is the compromise between a wallet and a bag. It is perfect for a weekend out, for teenagers who want to look fashionable in front of their friends. The golden metal handle has the fun shape of a cat’s ears and the closing clip has the shape of a butterfly, both gorgeous animals for the young girl who pays attention to style. The fluffy pom pom adds a cheerful touch to the purse, making fashion fun and young. 


Wallets have become an accessory, an addition to the outfit. But they can’t just be glamorous, they also have to be comfortable. Our collections are created with those criteria in mind: fashionable and easy to carry. Depending on your style, you can choose the wallet that best fits you, but our simple colors ensure that no matter what you choose, it will match with your personality. Using dark and pastel nuances makes sure our wallets match with an outfit of neutrals as much as with a colorful one. Choose your wallet and wear it proudly, our collections are here to make you feel special. 


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Pink Print Zipper Around Wallet


In stock



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