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Moments that matter – Love Poem

Have you ever just left home
Heading up to your workplace
And walked by a road
On the red signal while crossing the road
You saw someone.

Someone you couldn’t take your eyes off
And then realised that,
you are standing in the middle of the road awestruck.

Or just saw someone walking past you
While you head your way to the staircase.
Else a shop or a restaurant maybe.
Where he is sipping his lemonade
and you spill your drink on your friend.

Or just randomly saw someone
in the shopping mall
picking up their kind of tee
Someone you could not take your eyes off.
Someone so adorable
That you got lost in the ocean of their eyes.
And suddenly you start imagining
Things and moments
You two could live together.

Now, how that one person
You do not even know
Seem so important suddenly
That it feels like
Just by their presence
Life will be a beautiful journey once again.
And while you are lost in your thoughts
You lose sight of that person,
The person who suddenly meant a lot
And smoothly vanished away.

Likewise is our life.
Every day is a new unwritten chapter
You see new people
You imagine new things
Build new memories
Fantasize new dreams
As you go.
But in this chaos
What’s important is you do not lose sight of yourself.
And who you are
What you need
Which would certainly make you happy and alive.

Each day we see new people.
Have new experiences.
But beyond it, what’s important is to realise
To not forget the goals and
People who matter to us.
Just by letting ourselves get influenced
By tiny moments.

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