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Reflecting on 2023

I write this letter or blog or excerpt whatever this might turn out to be after a very long time. Probably I am writing after months.And it’s really hard for a person like me to pull that off but sometimes it’s probably too heavy to pen it down or maybe it’s better if you pen […]

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Long distance relationship statistics: Embracing the distance

Long-distance relationships often carry a reputation for being difficult to sustain, but let’s flip the narrative and explore the bright side. While every relationship is unique, there are interesting statistics and insightful tips that shed light on how to make these connections work. Statistics That Defy the Odds: Contrary to the common belief, the success […]

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Understanding Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships (LDRs) have fascinated poets, writers, and dreamers for centuries. Beyond the concepts of time, space, biases, and limitations, there’s an intent that holds the potential to set long distance relationships with their finest, most magical winds. In this blog, we will delve into what it truly means to be in a long […]

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Discovering Dubai: A Poetic Guide to Hidden Gems

Dubai, a pulsating hub for tourists, surpasses mere towering skyscrapers. It stands as an unparalleled fusion of nature’s undeniable beauty and awe-inspiring human creations. Within its boundaries, it seamlessly blends diverse realms of artistry and magnificence, showcasing miracles and opulence, captivating fountain displays and genuine warmth, architectural grandeur and captivating asymmetry, harmonious poetry and captivating […]

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Creating New Memories: How to Move Beyond Ex Trauma and Build a Positive Future Together

The Renaissance period and today’s times share a common thread of constant change, particularly in the realms of relationships, the institution of marriage, and ideas of love. Just as the Renaissance brought about a profound shift in artistic, intellectual, and societal paradigms, our present era is witnessing rapid transformations in social norms, gender roles, and […]

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Long-distance relationship quotes 

We are surrounded by deeply conclusive notions regarding long-distance relationships. Letter after letter has been written in despair, induced by the conflicts that such relationships can bring about. However, if you are currently in one or considering entering into one, I urge you to view it as a unique experience. No matter how challenging it […]

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