Celebrate Rose Day with Love: Poems and Essence
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Rose Day Goes Beyond The Roses

Making your every Diwali wish a letter to remember

Sometimes we get stuck with forwarding the forwards on social media and having those forwards come back to us as others’ forwarded messages. It’s a cycle, a continuum. Are we flowing forward, though? To flow is to be, belong, and become more of who we are, belong, and keep at it! To flow is to

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How to decorate your house this Diwali?

Diwali festival is a celebration of homecoming – the homecoming of soft pauses, cleaner corners, dancing feet, anklets jingling, glasses clinking, stomachs rumbling from all the sweet indulgences, and spoken letters of greetings and rooted gestures. The scented flowers of the Alstonia tree remind us of the opaque winters that went by, leading its magic

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Morning Texts That Make Relationships Healthier

The inclusivity in writing letters is too valuable to let go of. Gone may be the days of typewriters and simpler times, but we can always make texting our happy place with the people we love. Here’s some good news! Being busy doesn’t have to be all about who we are. It’s just a functional

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Staring at the bright light

While you sit there Staring at the brightest light in the night sky. Let the stars  share silences with you. While you sit there and close your eyes Let the breeze gently come and kiss you. While you sit there And lay lost in the city lights Let the nature Caress you and  bring you

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Women in Business: Christina Wren

In the business world, Wren’s Origami is a toddler. Christina started her creative and artistic company in February 2020, before the pandemic hit and made everything harder. Covid-19 complicated and already challenging situation: a stay at home mother diagnosed with depression and getting into a new, business adventure.  Christine has two 4-year old daughters and

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Women in Business: Alejandra Araseb

Alejandra started her Eco Boutique in Chicago six years ago, focusing on the importance and beauty of nature. Her creations include glass terrariums, decorations, and jewelry.  Alejandra always had an artistic talent. She grew up in Mexico, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and by a family of artisans. Since she was young, she has been drawing

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