Celebrate Rose Day with Love: Poems and Essence
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Rose Day Goes Beyond The Roses

Born in Quarantine: Stories From The United Kingdom

CHAPTER 4 Graziana and Louise had two different and distinct experiences with pregnancy and labor during the pandemic, although they both live in the United Kingdom. Graziana and her family live in North Yorkshire, in the north east of England, while Louise and her family live in Aberdeen, Scotland. The former had a baby boy,

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Born in Quarantine: Stories of Mothers from the World

CHAPTER 3 Cynthia and Sundus live 12,472.47 km (7,750.03 miles) apart and yet they have faced the same challenge: giving birth during a pandemic. Cynthias’ son Jonah was born on June, 11th in Torrance California, while Sundus’ daughter Zainab was born on March, 31st in Karachi, Pakistan. Months and kilometers apart, but still victims of

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Born in Quarantine: The Tales of a Midwife from South Africa

The number of Coronavirus cases and deaths in South Africa has been climbing since February, although the country has been on lockdown since March. Every day, the country has over 6000 new contagions, which have amounted to 400,000 with over 5000 deaths. The region of Gauteng in the north of South Africa has the highest

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Born in Quarantine: Stories of Mothers and Daughters

CHAPTER 2 Sophie and Vivienne were born three weeks apart, although in two different countries. Geographically neighbors, but worlds apart. Sophie, Rebecca’s daughter, was born in Comox Valley, Canada, on May, 4th. While Vivienne, Kelcey’s daughter, was born in Santa Clara, California, on May, 25th. By mid July, Canada had counted 108,486 cases of Covid-19

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2021: What to expect

Next year will be the year of fulfilling experiences, of life to the maximum. Once the coronavirus vaccine is available for everyone, it will be time to enjoy the outdoors, the theaters and our friends.  What can we expect from next year? Here are some things to look forward to.  Responsible Travel  Coronavirus has changed

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